Narrator Dean William Rudoy Performs New Audiobook


Albuquerque, NM. December 9th, 2019.

Congratulations to New Mexico based audiobook narrator Dean William Rudoy who was selected by Texas based publisher Waldorf Publishing to record the audiobook version of Staying Sane in Crazy Town – A Monologue of Rude Wisdom by author Rocco Lo Bosco.

‘Staying Sane in Crazy Town’ is a gritty, candid, philosophical memoir about the author’s personal struggles, loss and eventual recovery. This inspirational tale offers an emotional glimpse into the author’s life which is at times heart-breaking and at other times darkly comical.

Narrator Dean William Rudoy delivers a stirring audiobook performance which captures the intense personal struggles the author describes in the text. In this recording Rudoy faithfully delivers the full dynamic range of the author’s deeply emotional memoir.

The audiobook version of ‘Staying Sane in Crazy Town’ was recorded in September of 2019 at Elephonic Recording Studios.

The audiobook is now available for purchase on at the folloing link:

Staying Sane in Crazy Town – A Monologue of Rude Wisdom

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