You I Am – Runaway – Official Release

Albuquerque based rapper You I Am will be releasing his latest album “Runaway” on Friday May 10th, 2019. You I Am is previously known for his “Letter To The Future” which was featured on CNN. His musical style combines his precise rhythmic flow with insightful, though provoking lyrics describing the artist’s love for his community, his intense faith, and his struggles to fight for equality and social justice.

“Runaway” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Elephonic Studios by Jesse Korman. Album production began in December of 2018 and took about 3 months to complete. The album features guest performances by a host of talented local and national artists including Courtney Hampton and Chloe Nixon. Legendary Albuquerque poet Hakim Bellamy makes a guest appearance on the song “My Town” with both a spoken word piece and a rap capturing the flavor an essence of Albuquerque.

The album will officially be released on Friday May 10th, 2019 at the Outpost Performance Space. Tickets are available thru Check out the first video from the album below:

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