Elephonic Recording on 89.9 KUNM-FM

The recent album by local rock band Atomonaut has been generating a lot of buzz since it’s release in March. For two weeks in a row, and on two different programs, Atomonaut’s album Inner Space Vol. 1 has been featured on the radio. The album was recorded and mixed by Jesse Korman at Elephonic Studios. For those who weren’t able to catch it, you can listen to it right here! Thanks to KUNM and hosts for their awesome support! Please listen to their programs at 7pm and 10pm Every Saturday night on 89.9 KUNM-FM.


EAR TO THE GROUND. 89.9 KUNM-FM. Host Matthew Finch. Broadcast 4/7/18


PSYCHEDELIC RADIO HEAD SHOPPE. 89.9 KUNM-FM. Host Scott Macnicholl “The Doctor” and Tim Oswald. Broadcast 4/14/18


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