Inner Space Vol. 1 — Alibi Magazine Review

Weekly Alibi Magazine’s Sonic Reducer gave the new album from Atomonaut “Inner Space Vol. 1” a great review in this week’s edition.This album was recorded and mixed at Elephonic Recording Studios.

Atomonaut Review in Weekly Alibi Magazine

“Atomonaut is a new psychedelic, space rock band from right here in Albuquerque. They join legendary local masters of the genre like SuperGiant and Of God and Science in propounding a heavy-duty, blues-inflected vision of space and time modulated by searing guitar riffs and Plutonic percussion. The band’s debut album, Space Vol. 1, invokes a bevy of bodacious spring-time blooms capable of inducing intense and intimate sonic inquiry about the stars about and beyond listeners. Case in point: “Tito 68” drones and rumbles through the atmosphere, rocketlike in it’s determination to rock, while follow-up “Stones” takes full advantage of blues-bound instrumental roots and storytelling. The hidden track at the end, “It’s All Been Done Before” joins earthy melodicism to the starry, sun-strewn heavens in a summary that is strikingly profound.” Sonic Reducer, Alibi Magazine March 29th, 2018.

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